Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stroke of Insight


  1. Hey Randall, I linked to this on my blog as well. Floaty floaty, no ends to the body, or very solid, "known" reality...weightless bliss or earthbound pain...same thing.

  2. Beautiful!
    I once had some cannabis-tea, only to find out i could not handle it. The THC affected my perception so much, that i could not process the data-input. Cold-and-Hot were one, secons-and-millenia were one, pain-and-pleasure were one, colours and shapes were intertwined. I head my brain chatter commenting, not making much sense because it had no grip on time, thoughts lasted for ever, echoing. I did not have control on my breath, didn't know if i had control on my heartbeat.
    It was beautiful and yet so scary. I remember this poem / sentence that resonated in my mind at the moment:
    like a grain of sand,
    will be swept away
    by the Ocean
    of Truth."

    For it is what that particular experience revealed. Thanks for sharing this.