Saturday, October 31, 2009

Consciousness is All - Rupert Spira

In concert with the Urban Guru Cafe's episodes featuring Rupert Spira, here are four excellent YouTube videos done by Chris Hebard at interviewing Rupert.

Listen to these in order - follow the investigation.


  1. BUT what happens to this knowing presence when the life force leaves the body[physical death]/ i can never get a satisfactory answer to this. could someone possible Rupert explain this?

    kirk crist

  2. Kirk,

    Looking for a satisfactory answer which pleases the mind will always be futile. It will always be conceptual. The issue is to see what is conceptual and discard it in preference for knowing reality directly.

    You speak of the life force leaving the body and call it death. Yet do you even know what is the body? Have you investigated this thing you call body? If there is an uninvestigated concept, many things can be built upon that assumption - death is one of these things.

    How do you know of the body? What is it? You instantly jump into your assumptions to say. Instantly. Yes?

    Step back and just look at what you call body. If you're honest, you truly only know sensations and perceptions. You feel something and see something. Isn't that true before the mind comes in and categorizes this bundle of flowing sensations and perceptions as "body"?

    Is that not true?

    So something is experienced - THAT it is body is assumed. THAT it is some separate thing is assumed. In fact you have no idea at all what it is without these assumptions. Yet the assumptions harden in inadvertence into something solid, something separate, something upon which identification can be placed.

    Look at what you call "body" in this way. See if the separateness and individuality is truly given innately or is nothing but an assumption.


  3. Randall,
    Rupert's pointing is extremely clear & direct. Experience indeed makes obvious the fact that anything and everything perceived registers in one 'placeless place'. I am that.
    Thanks for introducing these videos.