Friday, October 23, 2009


It seems Mooji gets a bad rap from both "sides" of the Advaita equation. To the traditional, Mooji is another "false neo-Advaita satsang teacher" - as he prescribes no practices, preaches from no sacred texts.

To the more direct crowd, he is the epitome of the "guru type". He speaks softly, sits with flowers and a picture of Ramana Maharshi, and has the "feeling" of a guru.

Yet his message is consistently clear and direct - pointing to THAT BY WHICH the I AM-ness is known, your true essence.

As with other posts on this blog, don't get stuck on the attributes of the messenger - let the message resonate. Follow what is being pointed to.

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  1. Thank you for the comments on Mooji.
    I had been put off him by other comments.
    I found him refreshing, delightful and a voice like nectar.
    He spoke of the master and the teacher and I wondered what the difference was?