Saturday, September 5, 2009

Common Ground

There is a lot of confusion and in-fighting within Nonduality and of course Religion in general. It is an obvious pointer to the mind's activity of splitting up everything into opposites, of demanding right vs. wrong, of insisting on reaching perfection through the destruction of opposing views.

This blog is dedicated to showing the common ground among all clear voices - showing the consistent focus of many paths and traditions - the ultimate "end" of all spiritual and religious endeavors - without preference to one tradition, path, culture, or way of expressing.

The blog will bring in voices from Advaita Vedanta, including so-called "neo"-advaita, traditional, direct path. It will find commonalities in teachers from Taoism, Dgozchen and other Buddhist sects, Kabbalah, Gnosticism and Christian Mysticism, and others.

There will be no restriction on so-called "teachers" - if the pointing is clear, it will be included. It will be shown that there are many ways of pointing out your true nature - sometimes that includes starting from the fact that you already ARE that, sometimes it's meeting the seeker where they are.


  1. Dear Randall,

    For a long time I have been studying advaita, especially neo advaita.
    The pointers were helpfull but what I feel was missing is clarity about why the universe is at it is and a methodology.
    Recently I have found much inspiration in the Course in Miracles.
    there is information about the contents.
    I also highly recommend the online lessons which are at
    There are 365 of them each one for every day.
    By the way there are some different schools in interpreting the Course.
    The one that attracts me is the strict non dual approach of which Kenneth Wapnick is the most important teacher.
    Some other well known teachers (like Marianna Williamson) teach a Course light approach which may be good for Oprah but is not what the course essentially means.
    Gary Renard in his book the disappearance of the universe gives a great overview of the teachings.

  2. Great new blog Randall, thank you!

    Lune x