Sunday, September 13, 2009

The True "I"

Often in Advaita circles we're talking about ending the "I", seeing through the "I". This "I" being spoken of is the individual "I", the "ME", the sense of being a separate individual. This individual "I" is identification - the placing of self-ness upon the body-mind, which is always objective. This "I" must be a thought-belief, a construction of assumption. This "I" is believed to be some soul or individual essence abiding in the body-mind.

This placing of individual self-ness upon that ever-present "I" or "awareness" is itself the concept of the individual. That IS the identification, the very mechanism which seems to construct this individual "I".

What's being pointed out is that the true "I" IS what you are - only it is not the body or mind. It is not a separate being. The true "I" is the light behind perception, the essence of seeing. It has been called "awareness" or "consciousness". If you know "I", you know your true Self already. But what IS this "I"? Is it merely the body-mind?

Here are two examples of expressions about the true "I".

Wei Wu Wei

The eye that sees, the ear that hears, the tongue that tastes are only apparatus, but the "I" that sees, hears and tastes is Reality. We only need to realize that and the first perception becomes satori.

Rupert Spira

Consciousness, the true 'I,' gets exclusively mixed up with a body and seems, as a result, to become a personal entity that is endowed with Consciousness and Being. It becomes the personal knower, feeler, thinker, doer etc., the 'me.'

There is only the true 'I,' the true Self, Knowing Presence or Consciousness, and it is always only itself. There is nothing other than itself. It is 'One without a second.'


  1. Yeah, One without a second, appearing as every Form there is. No one form looking at a second, a third, a fourth... Just the looking itself. Just this, as it is - and as it apparently comes and goes. Simple beyond reason. :)

  2. so simple, yet the body/I connection is the hardest concept to break apart

  3. Lune,

    The existence of a body requires the existence of a world.

    Yet take a look at how you know yourself. It isn't because of the body that you know yourself. It isn't because of thoughts that you know yourself. It is because you are always here, always aware - the "looking" or experiencing or perceiving is always here, always the aware-ness - THAT is how you know yourself. And the body is identified WITH THAT in error.

    It's simply a matter of discerning THAT by which you know and THAT which is known. Neti-neti. And then that always-here-ness is known to be your true Being.

    love to you